What Makes A Good College?

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A pamphlet comes in the mail for you today, it has bright colors and smiling faces throughout the entire thing. It’s from a college you just applied for, you don’t know why you applied but you coughed up the 50 dollars from your minimum wage job, just to see if a couple of people in an admissions office believe you are intelligent enough to attend their University. As your eyes scan the pamphlet your eyes naturally shoot right towards how expensive its going to be, and the assistance you are eligible to receive. The price is excruciatingly high and the assistance is unbelievably low, but you are expected to go to a well known college to get a good job. Higher education is not so much a necessity, but a privilege, because it is so expensive. But, society tells you that you need to do this. You need to go to a good college after you are done with high school. Society has ingrained into us that if you don 't go to college, you will never get a good job and you will most likely be looked down on as less intelligent. But, higher education is not always the best option for most people, and attending a college should or should not signify a person 's intelligence. Unless you come from an extremely wealthy family, going into debt when you go to college is inevitable. When you add up the price for a university, the price surpasses $100,000, which is enough money to buy a nice home. It would make sense that college would only be a good option if you know what you want to do with
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