What Makes A Good Community In The Devil And Tom Walker

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Community is defined as a group of people living in the same place. What makes a “good” community is a question that I asked myself after reading some of Washington Irvings stories. More specificaly his story The Devil and Tom Walker made me ask this question to a high degree. Inorder for a community to be considered “Good” the people in it must have good morals and all support eachother in a different way. For instance an omish community consists of a Leader/Counsil that controls disputes between different village members, there are numerous craftsmen that make tools for the village, there are different types of farmers that produce different foods, and there are cloths makers who producecloths for the people in the village too wear. All the people in the Omish village work roles that support everyone elses needs in the community. Without certain roles being fullfilled the copmmunity might become or be considered weak. So what makes Washington Irvings Community Weak? The greed and selfishness of one man is what makes the community in the story The Devil and Tom Walker so weak. The Charachter Tom Walker fulfills the job of a mortage collector. What makes him a weak part of the community is his corrupt desire for money and low amount of care for the other people in his community. Tom Walker ends up taking advice from a charachter he meets in a dark swamp/woods who is described as being the devil to increse what he charges for mortage to the people in his

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