What Makes A Good Creator?

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We were all crafted carefully to serve a specific purpose chosen by the one true Creator. This purpose may be hazy to some of us but God has made each of us special and he knows our hearts. Unfortunately, it is very easy to forget this, to fly through life without stopping to think what we were sent here to do. I thought I knew what God wanted for me so I picked a path, but I lost sight of His will and I quickly fell into a deep darkness because I forgot that I was made special. And the school I chose to go to for my freshman year helped send me into that lonely place. At a large school, you are simply a number. This mentality cannot be blamed on one single person but a harsh truth in that world. Professors, students, and staff don’t look at you through God’s eyes, instead they look at you as a dollar sign. I slowly slipped into depression and stopped attending classes because my teachers could not even be bothered to answer our questions in class because there were simply too many of us to assist. I felt like I was drowning in a sea of overpriced books and listless students. I chose to come to Colorado Christian University because I realized my life was slowly being filled with other priorities and concerns. I still went to church, remained part of the worship team, and worked with the children’s department. But I lost my passion, my fire, for Christ. David Dockery writes that we are called to “think deeply about how the Christian faith influences life and
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