What Makes A Good Decision Today?

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Have you made a good decision today? Ever since we were born we are blessed with making decisions. Whether to do something or not or to obey or disobey. To do the bad or the good, whether to buy organic or not. In most cases once we make a decision we come to the outcome of the choice that was made. Some of which are good or others, not so good. Since we are bombarded with different choices we tend to choose the easy, cheapest, option then the hard, expensive, option instead. Both organic and non-organic grapes were appealing but once I ate both I began to realize we pay for the quality of grapes we eat.
It was hard to find a food item that has an organic one and a non-organic one to compare. The store that I went to get my food item was Costco. My first choice of food to compare was sausage. I was excited until I saw the price of both organic and non-organic sausage, they were expensive. The grand total price for 12 organic and 12 non-organic is about 22 dollars. My mom was helping me correlate which food I should compare. My second choice was comparing grass feed ground beef with regular ground beef but then again I ran into the roadblock of price and of quantity. Then my mom pointed out in the fruit section some grapes, and began to think about it for a minute and then I made the choice to choose the grape as my food for comparison. Both organic and non-organic grapes were closely stacked together in boxes. Whenever I have gone out to buy food I don’t really think about…

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