What Makes A Good Drink?

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It was 1886 in Atlanta, Georgia, the Civil War was finally over and war veteran and pharmacist Dr. John S. Pemberton was about to create what would become the world’s most popular sparkling drink. Pemberton was looking to make a profit and, since the temperance movement prohibited alcohol, recognized that there was an increasingly large market for soda fountain drinks. Making a syrup that he brought to local pharmacies to mix with carbonated water, he invented Coca Cola. During its first year on the market Coca Cola averaged about 9 servings a day in Atlanta; now, daily sales average about 1.9 billion a day, worldwide. Much of this widespread success is due to the exceptionally affective Coca Cola advertisements used throughout the years. Pemberton, though he could make a good drink, was dreadful with marketing and advertisements. However, he had business partner Frank M. Robinson to help. Robinson came up with both the first slogan, “The Pause That Refreshes,” and the idiosyncratic Coca Cola script. Similarly, the original glass Coca Cola bottle was extremely unique and has become one that the general public is extremely familiar with; it has become a classic. Hence, the argument behind this “A Classic Never Goes Out of Style,” advertisement. The advertisement depicts the distinct Coca Cola bottle with popular classic icons on it and the phrase “A Classic Never Goes Out of Style” along the bottom in the unmistakable script. By associating itself with the renowned…

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