What Makes A Good Education?

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Sieni Leausa S11115460 Assignment #3 Introduction: Education is one of the many essentials in life that we all want to be successful in. A good education provides us with a good and a healthy living. Anyone’s intention for the future is to gain a good education and to live a happy life. Education allows us to gain knowledge to see the world and challenge the obstacles and difficulties of what life brings. It permits us access to anything we want and allows us to see the world from all aspects of life. We perceive the world from where we stand in society. Samoan students tend to take that mentality with them when they’re given the opportunity to move on to higher education. Their attitude towards college is important and they need to be prepared to take full responsibilities of being fresh college students in order to fulfil and achieve their goals and dreams. Problem and how it is manifested in society. Despite the fact that student’s desire is to gain a good education, some students fail their first year of college because they are not ready to pursue college life. There are many contributing factors why first year college students fail and drop out of college or university. Some students completed high school and are still not ready to face the high demand of college work level. Others think that they can handle college work but lack the skills to live as an independent to encounter the challenges and responsibilities of college life. Some students have poor
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