What Makes A Good Follower?

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In our modern world we are convinced that a company 's success is based solely on the way it is led. Because of this we study how companies are led, the great leaders past and present, we spend vast hours out of the day and unsurpassable amounts of money into finding today 's great leaders. I don 't argue with this amount of enthusiasm, we must be zealous in finding great leaders however, we tend to lose sight in finding the people these great leaders will lead. Organizations succeed or fail partly on the basis of the leaders and how well they lead but also partly on the basis of how well their followers follow. So what is a follower, more importantly what is followership? According to McCallum (2013) "Followership is a straightforward…show more content…
For example Susie has been a sales associate at Redkin Inc. for about a year. Her manager Jaclyn is starting to give her some more space and room to work on her own and make sales. Susie comes across a customer who needs a certain brand of carpet but the store is out of the product and will not be receiving a shipment for a few weeks but the customer needs the carpet by the end of the week. In this new freedom that Susie has been given she knows that if she wants to move up in the company or been seen as a valuable associate she must solve this problem on her own. Susie begins to talk to the customer finding out his needs for the carpet. She tries to talk to the shipping company to find out if they can push the order up and deliver it by the end of the week to ensure the satisfaction of the customer. When the shipping company tells Susie that they won 't be able to deliver the carpet she has to go back to the drawing board and start another plan. Susie uses independent critical thinking to offer the customer a different carpet at a discounted price so that the company can still make a sale and the customer is satisfied. By doing this Susie has used independent critical thinking to prove herself as a valuable asset to the company. The next characteristic of an effective follower is strong listening skills. Listening skills are taken for granted in our fast growing
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