What Makes A Good Government?

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In order for something occur, generally there must be something that predates that occurrence. This rule applies to politics as well, for if a government has a particular characteristic, there must be a reason behind it. One cannot simply make a good government out of thin air, without having reason or an idea on how to achieve the end goal of a good government. I still believe a good government is one that sustains itself, adapts to the times in which it lives, protects itself and its citizenry from threats, and reflects what works for the society it is ruling. There is hesitation to use specifics, and for a good reason. Governments over time share very little in characteristics, but they do share governmental needs. Most needs boil down…show more content…
Half a millennium ago, kingdoms were all the rage and those not under monarchial rule were savages and uncivilized creatures. In 500 years, democracy may not be the ideal Western government. We could, for say, come to the great realization that we should be ruled by artificial intelligence. It may be popular now to say that democracy is the best form of government, but that may not be true for the West in the future and it may even not be true for some parts of our present world. Some cultures would reject democracy, like some countries in the Middle East such as Afghanistan, where the U.S. is still attempting to prop up a democracy, despite Afghanistan’s high place on the Fragile States Index, by The Fund for Peace, with a score of 107.9, putting them at number 6 out of 178 measured countries. By this ranking, they fail in many aspects as a nation-state, such as protection. The means to which a country can protect itself from others and itself are vast, from relying on allies to protect you to complete surveillance of the home country and beyond. There are multiple ways a country can become overrun, such as an underestimated rebel cell that becomes a mighty revolution to the back stabbing of a once thought ally. An example of rebellion would be the one started in Western China by the infamous Mao Zedong. Stirred by both expeditions and massacres, what would become the People’s Republic of China
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