What Makes A Good Guru And Enhance Your Mood Right

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Create your feel-good guru and enhance your mood right away. There are lots of things to be grateful for, but we take them for granted. We are not totally to blame for that, because, most of the time, we don’t necessarily know what is good for us. We’re talking about simple stuff that makes us happy like our dream car, an old school actor who used to be gorgeous, or the sight of a beautiful house. The list could go on, but we will stop at these three examples. Let’s explain why you need to keep these wonderful things in your mind, or should we say why you need to see them as “feel good gurus”. Imagine how you feel, when you think about a beautiful car you’ve just seen on TV, or, for instance, when you look at a picture of someone like Rock Hudson (he used to be a very popular movie star in the 50s and 60s, also known as the Hollywood Golden years). Now, the car propels you into an imaginative space, when you are actually driving it and a lot of fortunate stuff happen to you (like people envying you, or you becoming incredibly self-confident). The picture of a very handsome Rock Hudson would make you go wow! They were good looking back then”. All these things make you feel good and positive. They are attention grabbers that’s why they are called “feel-good gurus”. Why not create yours then? This is how you need to come up with one -You have to have something you wished you had, or a celebrity you think is the epitome of beauty and lastly something that is ideal

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