What Makes A Good Health?

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Healthy lifestyles are becoming more popular to society; and as a result, there is an influx of seemingly limitless options arising to cure whatever ails you. Today, grocery shopping means being bombarded with bright, obnoxious labels claiming its superiority with elements such as "gluten-free," or "100% natural," (wait, doesn 't that mean organic?). Consumers unequivocally reach for the products that have labels such as "sugar-free," or "fat-free." Consequently, the clever, misrepresented marketing goes unquestioned by consumers. The quest of good health has been around for centuries, and many of society 's "health conscious" consumers are easily persuaded by the power of suggestion. Why is it that there are never any declarations of how many dangerous chemical substitutes added to achieve the "same great taste?" Many consumers do not know that sugar-free products should have a label that reads “may cause cancer,” next to it. Aspartame is the most common artificial sweetener used to replace sugar, and that chemical is known to cause cancer. What makes an “all-natural” product different from an organic one, and what about gluten-free? Do the majorities of our population really even know what gluten is? To what extent does someone have to go to make sure they aren 't consuming something that isn 't either genetically or chemically modified, or double the price because these hot words are written across them? The truth behind our psychological makeup is that we are prone
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