What Makes A Good Leader?

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The definition of leadership is “the action of leading or providing guidance to a group of people or an organization”, but leadership is so much more than that. To me being a leader is something that comes with a lot of respect and responsibility and only some can handle it. I believe that I am one of these people. What does it take to be a leader? Many things. A good leader by my definition must hold many key attributes and skills. A leader must be able to practice what he/she preaches. Leading by example is very effective and the best way to lead in my opinion. How can I be expected to do something, or act a certain way, when someone who is my leader is not even willing to do the same thing. As my high school’s basketball team captain, I experienced this. I noticed that I had to give my all in every warm up, every drill, and every game. If I did not, how could I get on my guys for not giving their 110 percent? Another key skill of being a leader is you need to see results. You need to make the right choices on and off the job. This is key. As a leader you are held to a higher standard, you are looked up to. You are expected to be better, and more successful. If you are not sufficiently producing at your job, or you are making the wrong choices off the job, your followers will find someone new to follow. People want to follow success and good character, if you can not deliver on both of these, you will not be a leader for long. I think that for the most part, I make the…

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