What Makes A Good Leader In Lord Of The Flies

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What makes a good team? A responsible leader who can manage the team well. That’s absolutely correct. What if the leader is excellent but the members don’t follow rules and ignore the leader’s instructions, can such team achieve success? Definitely not. In a broader view, societies are exactly the same. If a society is lacking good individuals, it cannot be good. A well established society need a sophisticated leader, but smart, civilized people are even more important. In William Golding Lord of the Flies, when those boys decide to have a chief, the little boy Roger says “Let’s have a vote.” Then, boys echo “Vote a chief.” “Yes!” “Let’s vote--” Roger can think of voting and boys agree with him, that indicates the democracy in the small society, therefore, those…show more content…
You know-dazzle paint, trying to look like something else-” That’s Jack’s monologue, he tells those kids to paint their faces before hunting. Face painting exactly represents savagery. It doesn’t make them look like something else, instead, it makes them turn into something else. It is a mask that hides their self-consciousness, eliminates their humanities, so the beasts inside them are free to go out. Society has rules and orders that most people learn as they go through life, rules makes the people more like human and less like animals while orders maintain the society healthy. However, their face painting removed what they learned from societies, and allows them to live in the old life. If this kind of people exist, there is no way to form a harmonious society. The fear of beast brings fury to Jack and he begins to despise rules and order by shouting “We don't need the conch any more. We know who ought to say things. What good did Simon do speaking, or Bill, or Walter?” He opposes Ralph and attempts to take control of the group, claiming this situation is "a hunter's job" in which Ralph is not qualified to command. Moreover, he is stubborn as he cannot take any
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