What Makes A Good Leader?

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1. Leadership can be very complicated since it is personal and most of us have a different vision or stance on how we lead or think we lead. There are many definitions on what leadership is and most are usually correct in one way or another. A person’s leadership philosophy can be greatly influenced in many ways spanning their entire life and career. I have been influenced from the beginning starting with my parents and continuing to the newest A-school student checking into the Air Station. I like to think that a good leader is influenced by anyone he comes in contact with shaping who you are as a leader and that it never ceases to end. Being a United States Marine has also greatly influenced my life in many ways, including building the…show more content…
As a new member in deck force I quickly learned how hard I was going to be working and the amount of effort it took to take care of the ship. I’ll never forget the first time getting in line for lunch and being pushed back by all the E-6’s prior to all lower ranking members eating. In the Marine Corp we were taught as an NCO your subordinates never saw you hungry or tired, you lead by example. In the field the most junior member was almost always the first one to eat, being feed by the CO and the senior leadership of the company. Then once the entire company had been served the CO and his staff would serve themselves. This was not something the CO was trying to do to be nice but a way of life in The Marine Corp that put others before you. It was such a strong lesson in my development that I carry it with me today around my own family and even at large gatherings. The example of being pushed back by seniors in the galley line not only disappoints me but is representative of the epidemic of entitlement across the Coast Guard. It is not only something that we complain about the younger generation but just as prevalent in a lot of the Chiefs and senior leaders around us. I don’t remember part of the Chiefs creed including that I get to go home early because I am a Chief and I earned that. That type of example ripples across the junior members we are trying to lead like a virus. Everything that we do is watched very closely by those around

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