What Makes A Good Leader?

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Leadership Philosophy

Leadership is something that can be different for each person who practices it. We all have different ideas and different backgrounds and skill sets that we can use to make us better leaders.
Our life stories can impact us. For some, a life story can push them to do greater things. The experiences we have in our lives effect how we lead others. I’ve had good and bad experiences with those who were leaders. These situations taught me about what it takes to be an effective leader. While I may have had a certain set of ideas about leadership based on my personal experiences, others have different experiences that have led them to their beliefs and ideas of how to be a good leader.
Authenticity is one of the most important qualities in being a leader. In the recent discussions with politics lately, I’ve heard many people say that what they want out of our country’s next leader is someone who is authentic. Authenticity is about staying true to one’s self and being genuine. Authentic leaders are the ones who are rooted in what they believe in and are reliable. I believe that being an authentic leader is essential to working with others in order to accomplish tasks set forth. I have found that when I am in a leadership role, being real and reliable for those around me helps me succeed and helps foster a better environment of pleasantness.
Right after authenticity, I believe integrity is vital in leadership. I am a firm believer that

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