What Makes A Good Leader?

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HOW TO IMPLEMENT CHANGE IN ANY ENVIRONMENT Leadership is one of the most important traits to have as a human being. Without great leaders to help instill and create a sense of direction, I believe society world will be stagnant. I believe there is a variety type of the leaders such as, good leaders and bad leaders. A good leader must have several qualities. These qualities should not be taken likely and must be able to possess qualities like having good morals, such as integrity which will set the example for their subordinate. In addition to being a good leader, you must have a strong mindset and the ability to lead everywhere you go. I am going to be discussing how it is imperative to implement change when you are responsible for an…show more content…
It is important for a leader to always have that in mind. Thought leader are leaders that compete with industry using books, newspaper and oral presentations. Thought leaders are a great initiator of change by the power of their ideas. An example of a though leader was Steve Jobs because he had a master for innovation which led to the success of Apple (Thornton). Another type of leaders are courageous leaders. These types of leader pursue their vision and take several risks along the way. They possess strong objectives about their mission, vision and values. They have very strong beliefs and they will stick with them both doing good and bad times. Courageous leader attract their subordinate by their willingness to take risk and stand up to their belief. Most importantly, they will seek the truth and speak the truth. An example of a courageous leader would be Rosa Park because of how she was active during the civil right movement (Thornton). Inspirational leaders are leader that uses the power of passionate commitment to their ideas. Their words elevate their subordinates spirits, strengthen their conviction, and make their subordinates produce action. Inspirational leaders have positive attitudes that create strong emotional connection with people. Their speech is overwhelming with justice, freedom, respect and honor. Their demeanor builds confidence in their subordinates. Inspiration leaders
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