What Makes A Good Leader?

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Analysis of Leadership Theories
The topic of leadership and what makes a good leader has been studied for many years and has resulted in various leadership theories. Early leadership theories focused on the qualities or characteristic that leaders possessed while subsequent theories considered other variables such as the leader’s behavior and situations. Each theory has its advantages and disadvantages. In this report, I will provide a detailed analysis of the Trait, Contingency, Behavioral and Path-goal theories.
Trait Theory
The leadership trait theory is based on the theory that people are born with traits that make them better suited for leadership. The qualities that have been traditionally linked to this theory include physical traits (height, weight, appearance), personality traits (social ability), and other traits (intelligence). (Northouse, 2012). Trait theories focus on characteristics shared by leaders however it does not explain why all individuals who have those characteristics are not leaders. It also does not address whether those who possess the identified leadership traits are effective leaders and furthermore it does not take into account the situation. It simply assumes that possessing leadership traits will lead to success in all situations.
The leaders that I have observed in my career have displayed common characteristics as the desire to succeed, persistence, drive, confidence, however, their effectiveness as a leader was not solely based on those

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