What Makes A Good Leadership? Essay

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"Model the way, inspire a shared vision, challenge the process, enable others to act, and encourage the heart." - kouzes and Posner

With the presidential election fast approaching our nation finds itself at a critical juncture. In fact, this election cycle, more so than any other, has reminded us of the fundamental importance of sound leadership, as well as the dangers that may result when proper leadership is found lacking. Despite the sobering reminder, a sense of intense ambiguity persists, as many Americans headed to the polls are truly grappling with the question, what constitutes good leadership? While this inquiry may at first appear trivial, it comes at a pivotal moment as the nation undergoes what I consider a social redefinition of its understanding of who a leader ought to be. After all, do the personal and professional lives of those in positions of leadership need to come together in full alignment? Are individuals in positions of authority required to possess values such as compassion, prudence, and honesty? Or has leadership simply become an appendage of American capitalism, driven primarily by the relentless pursuit of profit, and productivity at the expense of common decency, and morality?

This paper will seek to explore the leadership style of an inspirational individual who embodies morality, efficiency, and effectiveness. With a position steeped in the notion that solid leadership demands moral integrity, my thoughts will explore theories on
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