What Makes A Good Life?

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Yuangang (Alex) Zhu Mr. Schultz Search for human potential 7 January 2015 How to Live a Good Life There are countless ways to define a good life. In fact, the word good includes happiness, success, and pleasure. In Buddhism, the four noble truths state that life is suffering, and the way to enlightenment is a path out of suffering, which can also be understood as the path leads to a good life. From the perspective of Greek philosophers, living a good life is mostly based on reasoning. The importance of reason in sensing life is evident in all phases of life. The reasoning makes humans unique, which leads us to think, explore, and discover. As Socrates and Plato’s ideas influence the development of humans, their thoughts include the truth that is similar to the Buddha’s. There is also works that show ideas that are similar and demonstrate how these ideas are true and universal in our daily life. Lessons from Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Seamus Heaney’s Beowulf, Hermann Hesse’s Siddhartha, and the classic Greek philosophical tradition tells man to lead a good life by examining the life for defects and acting to improve, treasure friendship that are important, and avoid excess when possible. To examine life for defects and make actions that will change the current situation for the better is one big part of how to live a good life, new goals in life or new requirements for oneself is very important as examples shown in Greek philosophy, Siddhartha, and Beowulf. Many times people

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