What Makes A Good Life?

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We as humans find ourselves in a constant pursuit of a life stable enough to provide a certain degree of control and self-sufficiency while also remaining open to the possibility of circumstances which are not entirely under our control, such as love. To recognize the beauty of the mysteriousness and uniqueness associated with love, a force we cannot control, while also maintaining a certain degree of self-sufficiency may possibly allow us to live a good life with a love immune to tragedy. The idea of what constitutes the “good life” can be categorized in two contrasting perspectives: a life of goods or a life of self-sufficiency. A life of goods including wealth, reputation, and honor proves itself to be seriously vulnerable to circumstances beyond the control of the agent. For example, the agent cannot control the social or economic class they are born into. Similarly, they cannot control the way others view them. Although one may seek the approval of others, they have no control over whether or not they actually receive it. On the other hand, a self-sufficient life revolves around wisdom, truth, and the best possible state of one’s soul. The self-sufficient “concern [themselves] with the pleasures of learning, and adorn [their] soul(s)… with its own ornaments, namely, moderation, righteousness, courage, freedom, and trust” (Phaedo, 114e-155a). Whichever version of a good life one chooses to live by, love undoubtedly serves as a component of the flourishing life. The

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