What Makes A Good Listener?

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A good listener is observant, makes good eye contact, does not interrupt when someone is talking and shows interest in the other person that is communicating with them. A good listener not only does this but also takes into account the person’s verbal and non-verbal cues (MindTools, E. 2016). This gives the listener the tools they need to react appropriately and to not upset the communicator or console the communicator in whatever situation necessary. If you are also listening well, whether you understand or not, you know how to approach the communicator if you need clarification on what they are trying to communicate. If in a professional setting, you would simply let the other person know that you do not understand and would ask again using words like “Excuse me?” or “Can you please repeat that?” as opposed to an informal setting where you could use like “What?” or “Huh?” When it comes to communicating your thoughts and ideas to other people, it is important to make sure you know whom your audience is (Guenther, M. n.d.). If you were the training technician at an animal hospital, and you were training two new hires, one has been a technician for 10 years, and the other is just starting a position in veterinary medicine, their communication needs are different. For example asking a technician of 10 years to place a catheter in an animal is different then asking a new technician to. The new technician may need to be shown or talked through the process while the new hire
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