What Makes A Good Manners?

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In the earlier years our society was pretty decent when it came to using their manners. Today’s society no longer know what good manners are. Has one ever experienced bad manners in their life time? In my life time I have experienced good manners, but my experience with bad manners occurred at the golf course, grocery store, and while traveling on the road. First, my bad experience with manners where on the golf course. It was a very nice day out, and I was playing at Hannastown Golf Club in Greensburg, Pa. While I was on the fifth hole a guy was behind me, and almost hit me with a golf ball. So I tried to just procced without worrying about the ball hitting me. The gentleman came marching up to me using profanity that I have never heard of before. He had bad manners for being on a golf course swearing, because it is a gentleman’s game. His actions proved that he was not much of a gentleman. Another, bad experience I had with manners was at a golf tournament. It was at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in Farmington, Pa. It was for Kings junior golf player of the year tournament. I ended up catching a kid cheating that was playing in my group. He had somewhat of a problem trying to keep his right score. So I confronted him about it at the end of the round, because our scorecards did not match up hole by hole. The other kids in my group would no back me even though they knew he was cheating. That is a very bad manner to have in the game of golf since it’s a gentleman’s game.…

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