What Makes A Good Poetry?

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If you are reading this anthology, then there must be a part of you that is curious as to what is considered poetry and the reason that it has existed in our human culture for so long. Poetry is a form of communication that is adept at using creative techniques to tell a story, or express an emotion or idea. It provides insight and is a looking glass into people, culture, and experiences. It helps both the creator and the observer. For the writer, it provides a medium into which they can express their ideas, and tell their story in a way that can be understood by someone from any background. The observer is afforded the opportunity to look at the world from a different perspective and hopefully gain a better understanding of their own…show more content…
Poetry for me had been a subject that until recently I had no understanding. I am a visual learner and in order to fully understand a concept I typically need to see it. After being exposed to the subject at greater length, the poetry that I found most compelling were the pieces that conveyed stories, emotions, or ideas in a way that painted a crystal clear image in my mind. Once it accomplished this I felt that I could fill in any details that were left uncharacterized, typically by using my own personal beliefs, experiences, or understanding of the world. In this, I think, is the reason that poetry can appeal to so many different individuals and be different for each person experiencing the piece. Every person has a slightly different view of the world and it is in the areas that aren’t outright defined in poetry that allows the opportunity for people to add their own insight into the work and make it special for themselves. The unsaid permits the message in the poem to be more deeply understood by each individual audience member, hopefully creating a lasting impact on the reader. This anthology hopes to show support for poetry being a valuable medium for communication and narration that allows for creativity not found in other forms of communication. It also is looking at defining good poetry as communication that includes at least some aspects of the unsaid. The poems chosen for this anthology incorporate the use of not over defining questions,
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