What Makes A Good Role Model?

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1. What constitutes a good role model and how can I ensure that I act as a role model for employees I supervise? Ambition: A good role model will push them and in turn push you to do well. Whoever is your role model should know how to excel, so that you learn how to. Confidence: People admire individuals who accept assignments with confidence. Humility: Put the goals of all or others before yourself rather than thinking only of your goals. Empathy: Showing concern for others and using empathy by acknowledging their emotions is an approach to strengthen cultural bonds. Generosity: Giving is the same as adding value and if we increase the value to a relationship we are giving more to it. Genuine: It is a well-known fact that liars are guilty of something. Would you want an unrepentant criminal leading you? Most often the answer is no. Tolerant: People from different lifestyles, religions, and cultures are learning how to coexist without changing their values because they tolerate one another. Positivity: Positivity is more than just being happy because happiness is a result of positive experiences while Positivity means always looking up and to the successful completion of your goal. Determination: Leaders have a desire to reach a target, and to let nothing get in the way this is not the same as an obsession, which can lead to unhealthy behaviour, so any potential leader should know the difference. 2. What are the traits of an effective leader? How can these

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