What Makes A Good Ruler?

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What constitutes a good ruler? Is it someone that listens ? Or, perhaps someone that gets everything right? Is a ruler someone that gets things wrong sometimes? Does he listen and learn from his mistakes? Is a ruler always born into his position, or is it stolen? According to Machiavelli, the best ruler is the fairest one. The way to the most successful rulership, as Machiavelli describes, is following the steps that are written in his book- The Prince. Personally, I believe that Machiavelli 's book is a fair way to distinguish how current rulers should preside over their specific countries. As with anything, not every single part of the book will fit in with everyday life today, but the majority of it fits in with how most rulers-especially presidents run the country. First of all, what is a ruler? According to Merriam Webster’s Dictionary a ruler [is] a person exercising government or dominion. Machiavelli agrees with this definition, but goes into so much more depth in terms of what he expects a ruler to be. Throughout the book, there is a ‘tug of war’ of sorts between what a good ruler should be, and what a bad ruler shouldn’t be. The book also emphasises what a ruler can do to follow said steps to be a more successful ruler, and gives specific examples of empires that have succeeded following the steps as well. Now Machiavelli did not influence every empire of the time with his book. Rather, he took some definitive actions successful (and unsuccessful) leaders

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