What Makes A Good Servant Leader?

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“Where there is no guidance the people will fall, but in abundance of counsel, there is victory” Proverbs 11:14 (Dake’s Annontated Reference Bible). In order to be successful it is necessary to have competent and capable servant leaders. In order to ensure that leaders are capable of practicing servant leadership it is important to train them and guide them by providing knowledge and wisdom along with God’s teachings. In order to be a good servant leader we must teach others how to become effective servant leaders. This paper will give a brief background about Entergy its core values, mission statement, vision statement and how all of those will be integrated into the leader ship development plan for Entergy’s Fleet department. Background
On November 13, 1913, Harvey Coach founded the Arkansas power company that would later become Entergy Corporation and grow to operate out of multiple states (King, 2013). Entergy has continued to advance with time and the innovations in technology. Linemen no longer climb utility poles, but instead use heavy-duty equipment and hydraulic Ariel and digger units. In order to repair technical equipment mechanics must be able to use diagnostic software to complete repairs and maintenance. Due to the increase in technology, new positions of leadership are continuously being added to the department. These leaders consistent of 15 different individuals who all have different ideas skills, knowledge, education, and
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