What Makes A Good Time At A Graduation Party

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Imagine you’re at a graduation party. Everyone is talking and having a good time around you. You suddenly realize that you’re thirsty. So you make your way to the coolers and in it is an ice cold refreshing cola. What did you think of? Pepsi? Coke? These two cola giants have gone from pharmacy sold local drinks into what we know today. The overly sugary, high fructose corn syrup loaded, and acidic drinks have become the frontrunners in a highly fought over competition to be the number one soft drink in America, and through through psychological tactics in their ads has convinced people into thinking that it is okay to only drink their . In 1886 John Pemberton became addicted to opiates and sought to create a drink that had been mixed with a pain killer to be sold as a soft drink that can cure all. Then a portion of prohibition came into that part of the country, so Pemberton was forced to make Coca-Cola without the painkilling portion of the famed drink. That’s when Coca-Cola was really made for the first time. Unfortunately Pemberton then sold the company for a measly $2300 to Asa Griggs Candler. Candler brought true ideas to the company, and that’s when the company took off. Then other brands came into the picture and Coke did not like this what-so-ever. They released the advertisement in Appendix A stating that “nicknames encourage substitution” (Zmuda). Then the market exploded and there were approximately 1,000 bottling companies by 1920 after only have two in 1900

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