What Makes A Great Leader?

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Mahatma Gandhi, Mike Krzyzewski, Pope Francis, and Abraham Lincoln. All great leaders, all posses the same characteristics. When it comes to leadership many different names can be added to the long list. If you were to take a closer look on those people you will find what makes up a great leader. Being a leader is meant for only a certain breed of people. To be a great leader a person must consist of Confidence, Intelligence, and they must be versed. Great Leaders are all alike in someway. A Great leader is always a canny person. A person of great intelligence on the thing that they are trying to lead. Mike Krzyzewski is considered one of the best coaches of all time in the sports world. When younger, Coach Krzyzewski enrolled into the West Point Military Academy (Duke). West Point Is known as not only the best military schools, but one of the top colleges in the country when talking about education. They are renowned for their top notch academics programs. West Point is also known for shaping some of the best leaders of our world. Not only do they prepare their students for the military, but for life after. Mike Krzyzewski coaches basketball at Duke University, a top program in the country. If you were to ask any of his past players, affiliates, and/ or family/friends, they would tell you that he is the most intelligent person they know. Making plans and fixing problems on the go, during the high paced game of college basketball, is not an easy task. Mike is known for his

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