What Makes A Great Leader?

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“The best way to predict the future is to create it” as stated by Peter Drucker, a famous philosopher during the early 1900s. Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. Within the choices we make on an everyday basis, it is imperative to use what we know and have gained through social experiences to complete the possibilities of our “castle in the air”. For this will make and shape our own destiny, to the top of our zenith. Desire, time management, and caution are what make a great leader. An entrepreneur is someone who is innovative, well determined, and hardworking. Even if one may not have all they acquire, to be willing to stand through the tests of time and carry on out what they planned for in life. This is what carries you through in the long run for getting the job done and sticking to the game plan. It is necessary to know what customers want so that you will be ahead of the competition. Being in demand is great but having longevity is even better. Creating a product that a customer can relate to is what will allow a business to remain relevant. Building a relationship with the consumer and having a brand that they can easily identify makes customers loyal. These tactics are what leaders should impress upon in their team to obtain success. A great leader is often one who is willing to do the task alone and labor over a task to make sure it is done correctly. Entrepreneurs often work in small markets to create a new product or service. An entrepreneur is
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