What Makes A Great Man?

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The question ‘’ what makes a great man?’’ has been asked over and over again. Being in a leadership post does not automatically qualify a person to be a leader. One has to be an effective leader to be considered successful. This brings to mind the great nature versus nurture question. Is it possible for a leader to be made and not born? To answer this question, a study looked at the traits that are considered to make a leader effective and thus great (Kirkpatrick & Locke, 1991). I read article twenty-five of chapter five of managing in the public sector. The reason I picked this case is because of the possible challenges a leader can face and how he/ she address the problem determine how effective leader he/she can be. I look into my profession as advocacy for health and leadership, and I put myself into Mr. Patrick Ulmer shoe, the new Director of the state Department of Health and Human Services. What will I do if I offer a new job like him, and discover what challenges I have to face from the day one of my appointment as the leader of that department? A strong leader has to understand how to follow, listening, pay attention, willing to admit changes as well create an open door policy. A good leader will not round away from challenges. There will also be a radiance in the darkness for a leader, but he/she have to create a possible way to solve problems, provide solution to where there is a crisis like the employees that violate the privacy of his
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