What Makes A Great Poem Readers Will Fall Of Love With? Nothing?

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What does it take to make a great poem readers will fall in love with? Nothing! A great poem does not need rhyme or make any sense at all. Great poems just need to send out a message readers would understand and enjoy, or even things that would make them think. Unlike a poem, a myth could be an exact opposite. A good myth usually explains the origin for events or gives answers for why things are the way they are. “All mythology speaks of another plane that exists alongside our own world, and that in some sense supports it” (Armstrong 1). For example, the myth of Phaethon is a background story to the origin of falling stars, why the Middle East is a desert, and more. It is about how a boy named Phaeton was on a search to find out who is Father was and it turned out to be the god of the Sun, Phoebus. Phaeton’s impulsiveness and curiosity caused him to ride his Father’s chariot. He is eventually killed by Zeus. The poem “Phaeton” by Kathleen Raine takes the original myth and interprets it with her own style. By analyzing the poems poetic devices such as anaphora, the similarities and differences in certain events, and the messages the readers receive, show that the themes in the poem and in the original myth are closely related. Throughout the poem of “Phaeton” we can see several types of poetic devices. There is anaphora, personification, rhetorical question, and lastly, a rhyme scheme. Anaphora is the repetition of words in the beginning of successive clauses. This is seen
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