What Makes A Happy Family?

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What Constitutes a Happy Family?
Damaris Tirado
Keiser University

Many people have a concept of what a happy family is. A family can be composed of two, three or more members. Family constitutes the most fundamental part of communities. Conflicts, lack of communication are big stressors. There is no question that broken family ties deteriorates household relationships. Nonetheless, there are many families that are still strong and thriving. What is it that makes a household happy? There are a few important factors that constitute a happy family. The paper explores how showing appreciation for the household members impacts their relationship. Another factor that make a household happy is communication. The final factor of a happy home is values and convictions.
What Constitutes a Happy Family?
The first factor that makes a happy family is appreciation. When somebody says “I appreciate you,” by expressing this the person is letting them know how much they care. Appreciation can be expressed in many different ways. One way to see appreciation is respect. It has to start with self-respect in order to respect others. Not everybody can think the same way. Everyone has the freedom to have their own opinions. Imagine a world in which everyone thinks the same. Not only it would become monotonous but it would tedious. Each family member can have the freedom of self-expression. In this way, each household member can become more appreciative of what they can add in
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