What Makes A Healthy Diet?

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Cancer is a word we dread and will continue to fear greatly until there is a cure. With cancer related deaths globally, we can only hope to defeat this killer sooner rather than later. Defeating disease might come from sources we least expect; we won’t see it in a pill form or a piece of technology, but the answer might just be on your grocery store shelf. Even though the price of food has gone up, eating certain foods are good for your health because these foods can reduce the chance of cancer and ultimately healthier people are happier. Food we eat and choices we make can prevent cancer are words society is fascinated by. These words can be reality, the decision lies in your hands. A healthy diet can vary from person to person and what…show more content…
What a waste of time at the gym, when all you are essentially doing is cancelling out the productive physical activity. The article, “Exercise and Functional Foods,” explains the importance of exercise and proper nutrition is “effective for the prevention of inflammatory diseases, infection, and cancer” (Aoi, Naito, Yoshikawa, 15). You are likely to be happier knowing you are not infected by a disease or cancer. The effects on people who are infected by a disease can be detrimental, leading to a myriad of problems. Physically and mentally you are vulnerable to weakness and every day life can be a challenge as a result of a poor diet. It is no surprise the cost of food has drastically gone up in recent times. We see it everywhere, in restaurants, grocery stores, and sporting events. The days of 99-cent cheeseburgers have turned into 10-dollar meals. An increase in food prices doesn’t seem to slow down the likes of McDonalds and other fast food restaurants. It seems as though fast food chains are popping up on every second corner. In doing so, McDonalds and other fast food restaurants are making it more accessible for consumers. Convenience is attractive as society is always on the go, leaving little to no room for time wasted. A working family is a prime example; a parent might be coming home from work, picking his or her child up from school or daycare, tired from a long day and probably does not have the energy to go home and cook for the family. Stopping
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