What Makes A Healthy Weight For Women?

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Many times people tend to judge a book based on its cover. They may assume based on ones gender and idealized image of how they should present or carry themselves. In particular I am talking about women and their bodies. Today’s culture and society as a whole has a misconception of how women should look and what is considered a healthy weight for women. If a heavy women walks in a room she may get glares or classified as “fat” or “ unkept”. In reality she is an average working class woman with lack of financial means to keep up with the Jones. This does not mean she is any less intelligent or beautiful then a women who lives up to societies unrealistic expectations, she is what I consider “normal”. Expecting women to “look a certain way” or “be a certain weight” frustrates me because not only does it cause eating disorders, it takes the individuality away from a woman. The way we perceive our self or others is a taught behavior. As a new born child we begin to learn the culture, beliefs and norms of our society (Wood, 2014). We learn a cultures perspectives and rules during the processes of communication (Wood, 2014). By this we observe and interact with others at an early age thus we are exposed to mass communication (Wood, 2014) and create an image of what our cultural and society expects of us. If you think about it, the first outfit a new born baby girl is placed in is pink and usually involves bows, hair pieces and other artifacts that display you feminine side. This
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