What Makes A Hero?

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What makes someone a hero? The usual response someone would give is courage, bravery, and honor. But one of the most important aspects than all of those things combined is humility. This is a characteristic of Achilles personality that has not been learned yet. Although will later on thanks to a journey that will befall him. Learning that there is more to life than pride.
One of the most important things to Achilles is his pride and this is shown in the line “mother since you bore me for a short life only / Olympian Zeus was supposed to grant me honor / well he hasn’t given me any at all. Agamemnon / has taken away my prize and dishonored me (book 1. line 367 - 370)’’. In this scene Achilles tries to gain the sympathy of his mother in
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Since the fact that someone dared to kill Patroclus in spite of Achilles armor being on him as a sign of friendship and protection means that someone dared to go against him. And this would mean that the previous feelings of being angry towards Agamemnon would shift towards Hector. But would not be forgotten so easily, this moment is also interesting since if the death of Patroclus didn’t happen than it might mean he would have fought for the other side and they would have won. Since both Hector and Achilles are very strong warriors.
In the end Achilles manages to kill Hector and also has petty revenge by “so Achilles defiled Hector in his rage/ the gods looking on pitied hector, / and urged Hermes to steal the body (book xxiv. Line 25 - 27).’ Hector’s death still does nothing to calm the rage that Achilles feels so he desecrates the body, also pride keeps him from going away peacefully from Hector because that would mean acceptance over everything that has happened. Even though there will be no difference towards his feelings because it won’t change Patroclus 's fate. Sadness and rage clouds his mind and with patroclus death and also his morality since he was grounded by him but now that he is gone so is his humanity and all that’s left is the godly rage that seems never ending. This

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