What Makes A Hero?

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What is a hero? Is it superman? Is it your mom or dad? Is it your teacher? There are many people that are considered heroes. Some are just every day people, and some are super-human. Characteristics of heroes vary from era to era. Now people who are just simply a good person are considered a hero. But, back in ancient times to become a hero took much more. It took honesty, wisdom, and in some cases, wealth and superhuman abilities. With time new stories and beliefs are uncovered. In ancient times there were heroes that we can study today through books. Some of the most well known heroes are: Achilles, Odysseus, Aneius, Socrates, Gilgamesh, Beowulf, and King Arthur. Achilles was a well known Greek hero. He was a warrior that…show more content…
“These are my orders: to be obeyed at once Jove is with us. Let nobody be the slower because this change of plan is a sudden one: today I propose to raze this city, the cause of the war, Latinus’ capital.—Unless I will level its smoking turrets with the ground. To fight me?—and, beaten, ask for a second chance? O Countrymen, here is the root and branch of this evil war! Fetch faggots! Exact with fire the restoration of the broken treaty.”(Virgil) In this quote, Aeneas is showing his bravery when it came to the battles and triumphs he had to overcome to get his people to a new city. Being a hero takes a lot of bravery to keep people moving and keep them safe. Today keeping people safe is one of the most known characteristics of a hero.
There are people who are heroes because they are a wise scholar; an excellent example of this is Socrates. Socrates was a man that was viewed as a horrible person. He was a teacher that taught people to think for themselves. He was a man that was very fond of justice and knowledge. Socrates is known for saying, “I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think.” It is sad to think that people were so stubborn they would have a man that was simply being a genius and a scholar in jail because of the way he made people think. He was a hero to many people because he enforced what he believed

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