What Makes A Hotel Quality Luxury Mattress?

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From an investor’s point of view, Saatva has many attributes that investors might find appealing. Saatva has found a niche in the current market that big brick and mortar mattress stores cannot compete with. Their system allows customers to buy luxury mattresses online for a cheaper price than they would pay in a retail store. This opportunity was not possible before Saatva was created in 2011. The biggest opportunity for investors is Saatva’s price point. Simply cutting out the middle man, and selling the same quality mattresses for a lower price has lifted Saatva apart from other businesses. Furthermore, Saatva understands that their targeted clientele are people who are looking for a hotel quality luxury mattress. Already, Saatva is clever in promoting their business; putting advertisements in the New York Times allows for them to reach a wide and diverse audience. Moreover, the advertisement is set in what looks to be a hotel that is upscale such as the Ritz Carlton. With chandeliers hanging from either side of the bed and an all wooden carved head board, it is clear that Saatva is going for middle to upper class clientele. The name of their company is written very clearly on the end of the mattress so the brand name is very apparent and can be easily recognized. Once the brand name is fully in the customer’s heads, they can continue their search by visiting Saatva’s friendly and interactive website. Upon entering Saatva’s website, the viewer is immediately presented…
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