What Makes A Human Being A Person?

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There are many definitions of what makes a human being a person. Some say that a human can only be a person when they are able to think, communicate, and solve complex problems. The problem with that, is that it means children are only human beings and not a person. A human is a person when they have a heart, therefore a fetus is a person the third week after contraception. What makes a human being a person plays a role in what is morally right and wrong. In today’s society there are many opinions on what is considered morally right and wrong. For many people some subjects tend to be a grey area for them and they struggle to explain why something is wrong or right. One of those subjects is Bioethical issues and whether or not they are morally right or wrong. One of the small topics of Bioethical issues is euthanasia and whether or not it is okay for anyone to partake in it. Euthanasia is the act of either passively or actively taking a person’s live. Another type of euthanasia is called voluntary euthanasia, which could also be called assisted suicide. It is morally okay to take person’s life if they asked for help. Therefore, euthanasia is morally okay.
What makes a human a person plays a role in the moral judgement of euthanasia because it is up to the person who it concerns on whether or not they want to make anything happen. When a person decides that they want to voluntary end their life then getting help is okay. Voluntary euthanasia allows a person to die with
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