What Makes A Leader?

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Ever known of a person who has characteristics that make him or her inspiring? That person may be a leader. I remember looking up to my parents as a child because of how hard they had worked. They worked hard to earn money for me despite not knowing much English. I thought that it was inspiring because they were so motivated and determined. I was inspired because of their ambition. To me, they were leaders. So what is the definition of leadership? Leadership is when a person own qualities and characteristics such as making a great impression on people, having a positive mindset, and helping their peers. Three people who meet the criteria of a leader would be Pope Francis, Tim Cook, and Jeff Bezos. The trait that most people seek in others are as to how well a person portrays themselves within the first meeting. According to Tyler, a clinical professor in the department of Pharmacotherapy, a leader is able to “ …fix firmly on the mind or memory.” (Tyler, PG.1339, 2016). By leaving a good impression, this stimulates other people to think that he/she is someone who is not out of the ordinary. By being unique, a person is more likely to remember the individual that had created a great impression upon them. Thus, a person is more likely to be influenced by that individual. They are likely to be influence because a person often seeks someone who could be trusted. Great impressions generate a mentality that the individual is someone who has more experience, therefore

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