What Makes A Leader?

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What does it mean to be a leader? We encounter leaders in everyday situations, whether it be a professor, boss, coach, or parent. No matter how distinguished or subordinate our roles, we have some type of leadership responsibility over others. How does one effectively lead other people? What methods, ideas, and skills should leaders convey to the public? It is not always easy or fun to be a leader and it is almost guaranteed that a population will not like the views and beliefs of the one in charge. What type of person or idea comes to mind when someone says the word President? Hopefully, they are positive words like leader, intelligent, helpful, and hardworking. A president has one of the toughest leadership roles because he/she is placed in a position to make very tough decisions on topics that people have many varying opinions about. As a voter, it can be difficult to stay informed on topics and determine which party to choose. A person must ask themselves what they stand for or believe in and then decide which candidate is best qualified to fulfill the requirements. Being a first time voter is a very exciting experience that comes with a great responsibility. The 2016 campaign has showcased much personal and political turmoil of the candidates, making it hard to know which side to choose. With an election year like never before, the candidates have placed a lot of pressure on voters to decide who is fit enough to bring our country back into order, but Donald Trump has

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