What Makes A Leader?

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Someone who is considered a leader has to have many qualities and abilities. They must have knowledge, education, determination, and goal setting abilities. They also must have emotional intelligence which according to Goleman in his article, What Makes a Leader, in the 1998 Harvard Business Review, includes self-awareness, self-regulation, social skills, empathy, and motivation. One valuable leadership skill is honesty and integrity. The employees of a business are a reflection of their leaders. If the leaders are honest and ethical, then the employees will follow their lead (Prive). Consistently following honorable and reliable procedures helps to build trust in the work environment (Leadership Characteristics). Communication skills are an important part of being a good leader. He/she needs to have a clear idea of his/her goals and how to achieve them. Then one must be able to communicate them well to employees or other members of a team. Then there needs to be a procedure for getting feedback whether that’s having an open door policy or checking with each employee daily(Prive). Effectively listening to that feedback to get a full understanding of what is happening, what is needed to improve productivity, and what is concerning helps both leader and employee(Yan). Problems and conflicts often happen because of poor communication (Gleeson, Crace). When work doesn’t go as planned and there are problems achieving goals, leaders must not show that they are upset or worried. A

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