What Makes A Leader?

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Someone who is considered a leader has to have many qualities and abilities. They must have knowledge, education, determination, and goal setting abilities. They also must have emotional intelligence which according to Goleman in his article, What Makes a Leader, in the
1998 Harvard Business Review, includes self-awareness, self-regulation, social skills, empathy, and motivation.
One valuable leadership skill is honesty and integrity. The employees of a business are a reflection of their leaders. If the leaders are honest and ethical, then the employees will follow their lead (Prive). Consistently following honorable and reliable procedures helps to build trust in the work environment (Leadership Characteristics).
Communication skills are
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He teaches that you learn from the problem, and you try to do damage control. Most importantly you figure out how to fix it. When a leader is self-confident and handles problems calmly, his employees are more likely to do the same (Prive).
Employees respect leaders who are committed to achieving their goals. They lead by example.
They prove they’re willing to do whatever work is necessary to achieve those goals. If they commit to a promise such as a Christmas Party or providing breakfast for a meeting, they make sure that promise is kept and carried out (Prive).
A good leader has a positive attitude and encourages a positive work environment. Ritka Trikha says in “Seven Ways to Sharpen Your Leadership Skills,” that a good leader is the “chief energy officer.” Being positive makes the work environment a more pleasant place to work where more things will get done (Trikha).
A leader needs both critical thinking skills and creativity. He needs the critical thinking skills to anticipate possible problems and think of ways to prevent them from happening (Yan). He needs his creativity to help him think outside the box when trying to prevent those problems.
He also needs both skills to find ways to increase productivity (Prive).
Knowing how to delegate is another important skill for a leader. It shows that he trusts his workers. He needs to know the skill sets of his employees and match those skills
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