What Makes A Leader?

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This journey started when I was younger and my father owned a contracting company in Saudi Arabia. He supplied equipment and materials for construction but it was in the warehouse where the hard work was done is where we always found him. There are followers and then there are the leaders. There is nothing wrong with being a follow because what makes the effectiveness of a leader is reflected in their follower’s accomplishments. For my father, it was about acknowledging that people are people and they are not all the same. Each has their individual strengths and it is up to the leader to learn to surface their strengths and utilize them in a way where it benefits the goal of organization.
The first time I was put in a position of leadership was when I was in middle school. Our senior class was going to elect a representative who was going to be responsible for organizing meetings, speak on behalf of the class on issues we wanted to address in the school and delegate jobs among the rest of the class. I was chosen for this position and it was the first time I felt that I had some important where I was not making decision on behalf of myself but others who would ultimately be affected by my decision making. From experience of always being lead and not leading, I knew that it would take more than just what I thought would be best for the class but take into account what others wanted as outcomes. The hardest part was satisfying everyone which is always nearly impossible but as

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