What Makes A Leader?

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4- Respect I would like to respect other regardless of differences. Mistakes happen occasionally no matter what the situation is. It`s inevitable when there is human involvement. I want to stay positive all the time. I am sure if I treat others with dignity and compassion, then I will receive the respect from others. If I focus on what people believe and value, I can build relationship with them to keep moving forward for the same goal. 5- Responsibility I have ability to choose between right and wrong. I have to be aware of everything either a small problem belongs to my team members or a big issue related to a company. As a leader, I am responsible for my behavior and all of my team member`s behaviors no matter what the…show more content…
• Improve my interpersonal skills I like to improve my interpersonal skills. A good leader has good skills to communicate with other employees and people. In my opinion interpersonal skill is one of the most important factor in leadership. I would like everybody to feel free and comfortable coming to me and express their problems without any fear and I make sure to listen to their problems carefully and try my best to solve their problems. This is exactly what I am doing right now at work to create a friendly atmosphere so everyone can share their opinion and advice to improve our team work. • Strategic thinking Strategic thinking is one of the abilities that enables me to think widely about border business perspective and will help my problem solving skills to assure an organization`s enduring success. I would like to think deeply and find the key things that an organization needs to be successful. I know that I have to improve my leadership skills for addressing the human and organizational capabilities that are necessary for implementing the business strategy. How do you see your relationship with the people you lead? I do believe my relationship with other people has an important role on my leadership. If I want to be a good leader and have influence on other`s, I should aware of one`s values. I want my team members and the people who I lead, to have an open communication with me in a variety of situations and my responsibility
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