What Makes A Marketing Strategy?

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Companies usually struggle to choose a marketing strategy because it is a difficult task.
Companies have to find a marketing strategy that attracts customers to be able to succeed and earn a profit. Marketing can be approached in different ways, but some strategies are more successful than others. For example, some companies can give intellectual property away to earn profits; RiskLens is a company that gives some of their intellectual property away, which helps them to succeed. However, most companies choose not to give intellectual property away because it is what makes them successful. RiskLens is a cyber risk management software company and it specializes in cyber security risk, it is also the only company that is based on the FAIR model and offers FAIR certification. The FAIR model can be used to create a model concerning risk in financial terms and organizational risk in totality. RiskLens give intellectual property away to increase the demand for services such as the FAIR certification, which gives RiskLens a profit, and to make the FAIR model better.
To increase the demand for the FAIR certification, RiskLens have made some of their intellectual property available for free. When a company gives intellectual property away more people become aware of the company and its services. Since RiskLens made some of their intellectual property available for free, companies have realized how important and effective the FAIR model is when analyzing risk. Therefore, people who
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