What Makes A Marriage Or Relationship?

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Despite the fact many components contribute to the dissolution of a marriage or relationship, one could argue it’s the outdated social views held by copious amounts constitutes what a successful and happy wedded bliss should look like. Marriage and relationships are not a one size fits all. Marriage or any type of relationship with intentions of building a life or foundation with a significant other is not something for the faint of heart. As with anything in life someone must work hard to maintain and work towards helping to make the other person happy all while focusing on their personal needs and vice versa. Growing up all have experienced different examples of what makes a marriage or relationship work as well as what may or may not…show more content…
While there have been many books and movies that highlight the jealous lover, it is something so commonplace this day and age because of technology countless relationships dissolve after only a short while because of jealous tendencies and unfounded assumptions about a person or the attention they are believed to give or receive. Whether on Facebook or Instagram many instances of a jealous partner are highlighted and in some instances seen as amusing and almost comical. Girlfriends who try consistently to gain access to their boyfriend’s phones or boyfriends side eyeing any guy who may look at their girlfriend are all depictions shown in “funny” videos seen online through Facebook and Instagram. Since the emergence of social media there has been an influx in what some would call an addiction. Experiencing withdrawal symptoms just as someone who would have taken narcotics. According to Amy Muise, M Sc, excessive use of Facebook can lead to online jealousy and those who are more susceptible to it tend to be jealous in their relationships outside of their online interactions. Due to the persona that one can show through their life on social media it is thought that individuals who become jealous try to maintain their relationship even outside social media so as to make a certain impression on people. Ostracism is not something one expects when entering a
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