What Makes A Movie Actor Like Channing Tatum?

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Do you want to become a movie actor like Channing Tatum? Then follow these steps and you can. You hear people all the time tell you can’t become an actor/actress, that it’s impossible.
There are thousands of people every year that try and fail. Why would they choose you out of all the thousands that try? What makes you so special? Right? that’s what they tell you, “BUT” they are wrong! So first things first, I need to tell you about me. Even though some people say acting is competitive and almost nearly impossible to get into, I feel like I will succeed. I believe that I can be a successful actor because I push myself hard. And beyond that, I don 't give up! People tell me I can’t make it, and that fuels me to push myself harder. you never
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But I can 't tell you the number of people that come out to
Hollywood thinking that all they need to do is get a job as a waiter at some popular restaurant, meet an agent, get "discovered" and then it 's nothing but champagne and caviar from there.
Acting is first and foremost a craft. The best of the Hollywood actors understand this and no matter how far they have come in their careers, they are constantly looking to improve upon their craft. They take classes, work with acting and dialogue coaches, they study life experiences, etc.
They know full well that even after a lifetime of work and study, they may never reach absolute perfection. So, for you, it 's imperative that you take a wide variety of acting classes. Work in a wide variety of styles with a as many different groups of people that you can find. Try it all. From
Shakespeare to comedy, from improv to cinema verite ­­ the more you know, the more well rounded you 'll be and ultimately, the better prepared you 'll be for whatever roles come your way.
Step 2: Location, Location, Location
I hate telling people this, but if you hope to work in film and/or television as an actor, you need to go where the work is. Now, that doesn 't necessarily doom you to living in Los Angeles or
New York. After all, there are plenty of
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