What Makes A Name Hilton

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Precisely what is it that makes a name so famous that people from all over the world flock to the most fad destinations spots just to stay in a hotel? When you hear of the name Hilton immediately the images of relaxation, luxury and quality spring into your mind. Yet, what is it that put the name Hilton in such high demand when booking a place to stay? Conrad Hilton the famous impresario built his timeless legacy from the ground up. From humble beginnings as a general store owners son to the founder of over 500 hotels and resorts spread over 78 different countries, Conrad Hilton redefined the meaning of lodging and hospitality and constructed the expectations of what is known today as a stay at the Hilton. Conrad Hilton was born on December 25, 1887 in the desolate city of San Antonio New Mexico. Hilton was the eldest son and worked for his father in a general store. His father wanted him to follow in his proud footsteps and run the general store, young Hilton had other plans. He soon opened his own bank. That short lived business venture ended just in time for what was to happen to Hilton next. He soon became involved in politics and yet again restless Hilton did not stay very long in that profession. He then went into war. During World War II Hilton served his time working with the supplies for the infantry. Due to his knowledge of the general store Hilton’s position was second nature to him. After the war Hilton went onto yet another business venture.…

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