What Makes A New Fashion?

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Among the decades of history, many trends have been introduced by the power of people; however, some fads became more popular than others. Popularity in the latest fashions has to do with how easy to wear, creative, and different the fashions are. Creative trends usually get people’s attention because the they stand out more. A different look, however, tends to capture people’s attention, so one trend is not worn for a long time. In order to create a new fashion, there has to be a modern element never seen before so the newest craze is not a replica of something already created. Many designers like Coco Chanel and pop stars like Madonna helped to create advanced fads separate from the standard forms of dress. As a result, many distinct fashion crazes sprang up in decades like the twenties, fifties, and eighties. The flappers in the 20s, the housewives in the 50s, and the bold-colored teens and young adults of the 80s were very famous for being the most popular clothing trends of their decade because of how easy to wear, creative, and disparate they were. The major fashion craze of the twenties that caused a stir was the flapper because it was a deviation from the usual form of dress, residing in the decade known as the “Roaring Twenties.” The women’s suffrage law, passed in 1919, caused a period of freedom and independence for women after World War I. Before the passing of the women’s suffrage law, the goal of women was to look older than their age because they thought

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