What Makes A New Home For Earthlings?

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It was a sunny day in Cape Canaveral, FL when James Finnigan, the mission engineer, smiled softly while gazing at the vast horizon of the Earth, probably for one last time. In his sunglasses, you could see their spacecraft towering over launch pad 39-A. It was the beautiful machine, with a Liquid Bi-Propellant engine and a glistening white fuselage. *insert definition statements here*[2] It was only a couple of minutes later that his gaze was interrupted by the click of the countdown clock at NASA. “-23:59”, it read, as a chill went down Jim’s spine. “T minus less-than-a-darn day”, he said, “This is what our world’s fate has come down to. Just teams of people, travelling in all directions of space, with the nothing but hope to find a new…show more content…
The microbiome specialist, Dr. Robert Hearse, is in the lab, trying to make sure that there are no contaminants on the sample that they are to take on their mission. He frantically checks all the numbers regarding weights to the 4th significant digit and surveys each biota under an electron microscope. Ever since childhood, he wanted to be a hero and today, he was a hero and then some. The thoughts were running rampant in his mind about how he was part of the last crew to leave Earth and test Enceladus for life bearing potential. There was no scope for a mistake. “To err is human, but not today” he said, “Today, to err, is to erase humankind.” Just as he was finishing up, he and three of his other crew members were summoned to the control room. There was news that the last crew was sending a message to the control center. All of them rushed to the control center and found all eyes on the monitor showing the spaceship’s message; piece-by-piece. Within 20 minutes, it was clear that they were not going to make it back and a sense of despondency set in the room. That was until Jim shouted, “Tell them to use Jupiter’s retrograde [3] to slingshot themselves and into its magnetosphere![4] That could help with restarting the VASIMR class rocket
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