What Makes A New Manager Emerge As A Leader?

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The ability of leaders to be perceived as trustworthy and to develop efficient and effective relationship is largely a function of their personal identities and their self-awareness in understanding and making accommodations for their weaknesses. Many theories and thinkers have attempted to explore what truly makes a new manager emerge as a leader. Becoming a truly effective manager requires a great deal of self-awareness, observation, and growth. Anthony K.Tjan in the article “How leaders become self-aware?” discussed that without self-awareness, individual cannot understand their strengths and weakness, their “super powers versus their “Kryptonite”. Successful leadership often surface when people become aware of critical personal experiences in their life, their moves and reshape their actions. That self-awareness is a critical factor for business-building success is not a new insight. The tougher code to crack is how self-awareness can impact a new manager to become a more effective leader. I believe the key to effective leadership is self-awareness. Leaders with high levels of self-awareness are viewed by their peers as being more effective with interpersonal and intrapersonal relationship. Keywords: Self-Awareness, Identity, Effective leaders, Career development How can self-awareness assist a new manager to be a more effective leader? The construct of self-awareness has been taken up by a wide array of academic discipline, suggesting that self-awareness may

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