What Makes A Parent 's Duty?

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It’s a parent’s duty to protect their child, to cherish and love them; in sickness and in health.
I recall a time when it was once like that, my parents being able to fulfil their responsibility. But it all changed…slowly…gradually and ultimately. It was around the time when my father – very loving but a terrible drunk, began having troubles at work. Sleep eluded him. He became mentally and physically distressed. Unable to discover a solution to this problem; he let himself find solace with liquor. Letting his life quickly fall to shambles. Looking back, the entire well – meaning advice: Get a resume, search more, consider going back to College and get more qualifications. Made my father overwhelmed; who after working for thirty five years of his life in a small office, had been laid off in a mere thirty five seconds. His loyalty ignored.
My father’s story then began to steer off course; unable to navigate it back onto the shore. A number of catastrophic costs lying in wait for its boarders, my mother and I in unimaginable ways...
I learnt that the more you live with the abnormal, the more normal it becomes. A routine is formed, the norm. You love your father and you look up to him. He’s angry, not in his right mind, distraught. The occasional outbursts of violent attacks are just as it is; occasional. Even he gets it wrong sometimes… no one’s perfect. But again he hits your mother and he’s sorry. Again, and again, and again this happens. The excuses flow off your tongue
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